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Our Product Range


Dishwashing Bar

Sudsy and gentle for the hands.

Simply wet your sponge or brush and rub the dishwashing bar to wash your crockery!


Soap Flakes

Made to encourage you to re-use refillable foaming soap dispensers and give them a second life.

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Laundry Detergent Sheets

A natural detergent that is concentrated and hypoallergenic with plastic-free packaging. 

Toss 1 sheet into the wash to dissolve and say goodbye to liquid detergent !

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Multi Purpose Cleaning Sheets

Traditional household cleaners that are now available as sheets which can be dissolved to make cleaning solutions. 

Use it to clean multi surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living or dining areas. 

Toilet Bombs - 10E.jpg

Toilet Bombs

An all-natural way to deodorise, disinfect and clean your toilets without the need for harsh & toxic chemicals!

Toilet Powder - 1.png

Toilet Powder

A natural toilet cleaner without toxic chemicals that gets rid of the funk.

Stain Remover Bar - 1E.JPG

Stain Remover Bar

Worried about stains from coffee, wine, sauces or dirt?

Remove stains easily with our stain removal bar!

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Oxygen Bleach Tablets

A safe and non-toxic, biodegradable alternative to harsh chlorine bleach.

Starter Kit - 2EM.JPG

Detox Your Home Kit

A perfect introduction to eliminating single-use plastic bottles in our home.


Sustainable Handwash Hamper

An ideal gift set to encourage the use of reusable glass foam pumper.


Clean Earth Kit

A compact gift set to reduce the use of plastic bottles in your home.


Handwash & Laundry Sheets Pack

A specially curated a bundle for you to gift your loved ones a full essential set to reduce their waste in their bathroom!

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About Our Products

If you look around your household, you will realise that plastic is everywhere - the single-use plastic containers storing liquid handwashes to the liquid dish and laundry detergents.

How do we reduce the usage of these plastic containers and use more planet-friendly alternatives to help us clean just as well, if not better?

To solve this problem, we sell the essence of soaps, in the form of flakes, sheets or bars, to eliminate any form of plastic packaging.

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Coconut oil forms the base of our products. Our coconuts yield pure oil that is made into a rich, all-natural and highly moisturising soap.

Coconut oil soap has been used for generations as a natural cleanser, safely protecting your skin even after innumerable rounds of daily handwashing.

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What Our Customers Say


We do not use synthetic or petroleum derived detergents, or additives – these irritate your skin, pollute our waterways, and endanger marine life.

We want to keep the Earth healthy too, and our biodegradable soap derived from pure coconut oil can safely be discharged and return to the natural environment that it came from.

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Laundry Detergent Sheets

Read so much abt the benefits of using laundry sheets. I was sceptical but they work! Clothes are clean. Protects my family against unwanted chemical exposure. 


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