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Multi Purpose Cleaning Sheets

$7.50 (Pack of 5)

$14 (Pack of 10)

Say goodbye to buying different cleaning products for every room in the house, our cleaning sheets do just the job. 

Simply pop one sheet in a sprayer bottle, add hot or cold water and shake for 2 minutes till fully dissolved. 

It is designed to be used as a cleaning agent for the bathroom, kitchen, windows, floors!

Made by Simple Living Eco and distributed in Singapore by Recover Soaps.

Purchase it through our stockist.​

Multi Purpose Cleaning Sheets: About Us
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What We Love About Them

Multi Purpose Cleaning Sheets: About

Fully dissolve in cold water

100% Natural Ingredients

Plastic Free and Zero Waste

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Multi Purpose Cleaning Sheets: News & Updates


Zero-waste, Plastic-Free, Biodegradable, Sustainable, Vegan.

Finding a cleaning solution that serves multiple cleaning purposes? 

These multi purpose sheets do the job! These multipurpose cleaner sheets replace  your typical household liquid cleaning products which are stored in plastic containers.  

These are free from harsh chemicals and nasties and are made only from natural ingredients. They are Vegan- friendly, not tested on animals & palm oil free! 

The sheets have a light lemon fragrance which is friendly for sensitive skin.


Our product is made to encourage you to re-use existing single-use plastic spray bottles. Thus, sending less plastics to the landfill.

Multi Purpose Cleaning Sheets: About


These lightweight sheets are packed in cardboard that are recyclable and reduces storage space as compared to liquid cleaners packed in plastic bottles.

Being light and concentrated, they make for much easier transportation. Plus, they do not contain any water which reduces its carbon footprint.


Simply pop one sheet in a sprayer bottle, add hot or cold water and shake for 2 minutes till fully dissolved.

Each sheet can be transformed into 500ml of an all-purpose liquid cleaner.  You do not need to wait for it to activate and it can be used straight away! 

Please handle with dry hands.  Each sheet can be re-constituted to give you 500mls of household cleaner.


Coconut oil extract, Lemon extract, Citric acid, Sodium sulfate, Sodium chloride, Sodium bicarbonate

Multi Purpose Cleaning Sheets: About
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