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Oxygen Bleach Tablets

$4.50 (Pack of 3)

$13 (Pack of 12)

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A safe and non-toxic, biodegradable alternative to harsh chlorine bleach.

When dissolved in water it releases oxygen which acts as a powerful stain remover, deodoriser and disinfectant.

This substance is great for whites - while the oxygen removes stains and odours, the powder cleans without fading or degrading fabrics.

Also known as Sodium Percarbonate, this is simply activated hydrogen peroxide.

Natural, simple and effective it allows you to add extra cleaning power to your wash, dealing with tough stains during the machine cycle or for a pre-soak without resorting to chlorine bleach.

It will not discolour fabrics and can be used on all fabrics except silk, wool or leather. 


Just toss one pack into your washing machine with detergent, no need to soak or wait. The natural-based formula will dissolve in any temperature water, and deodorize and brighten all your clothes.


Sodium Percarbonate

Made by Simple Living Eco and distributed in Singapore by Recover Soaps.

Purchase through our stockist.

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